About us

Jiangsu Jinji Industrial Co., Ltd. has developed into a company with three wholly-owned subsidiaries, covering research and production and sales of dyes(activity, dispersion),dye intermediates, bioenergy and other business vibrant large national key high tech enterprise.

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  • ME series from 2003
    B/BES/BPS series from 2004
    G series from 2005...
  • CE series from 2006
    SNE/NDS series from 2007
    P/JJW series from 2008
  • JJF/JJB series from 2009
    PJ series from 2010
    LA series from 2011
  • EN/LC series from 2012
    RCD series from 2013
    W series from 2014
  • WE series from 2015
    TS series from 2016
    PJ series from 2017


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